Oh! MY! Ga’AD!!! 

Ever since I was introduced to Theatre through Literature and William Shakespeare; I was so impressed by it I always put it on a pedestal that no production I had seen in Ugandan Theatre of MY time came close to…

A student of Theatre, I watched many productions and participated in a few that somehow felt incomplete because of all the production shortcomings we face in Ugandan Theatere hence pushing me to turn to the next best thing.. Film… 

All was fine and dandy with me, my idea of Theatre was always constant, therefore I didn’t bother myself with watching most of the productions that were put up UNTIL I WATCHED GA’AD!!!!! 

 (photo by: Zahara Abdul)

Hardly ever at the National Theatre, a work meeting happened to take me there on Wednesday this week and when I was done with it, I decided to “pop” into the auditorium to watch the show that was talking place whilst I waited for my next meeting… 

The Theatre was packed with students and the first thing that caught my eye was the lighting… I hadn’t seen the National Theatre produce this sort of lighting, EVER, and so I decided to pay attention to the show as I had just pulled my phone out to play Candy Crush while I waited. 

Seeing this amazingly lit scene and listening to this highly intelligent conversation Faith was having with  God, I couldn’t help but put my phone aside and pay attention! Intrigued and captivated by the narrative style, all I kept thinking was “BRILLIANT! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Here we have darling faithful servant of God, Faith, talking to Father Almighty about the life that she lived, up there in the clouds, as it is revealed to the audience down here on earth and boy do I tell Yah!  (Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

The show kept me at the edge of my seat with actors not only playing multiple characters and nailing it but also doubling as their own set dressers as they would walk on and off stage with furniture and their timing was impeccable! It’s pretty obvious a lot of time and effort was put into the preparation of this play. From the script, to direction to performance, to costumes, set design and execution, I must say I’ve never seen anything quite like it! 

(Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

I was absolutely amazed by how eloquent the writer was through the actors, their energy was like a fire that couldn’t be extinguished and the level at which they comprehended their lines was astonishing. The director achieved great heights by playing with costumes and character. The ladies were typically and authentically ugandan and the gentleman were absolutely charming!

 (Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

Filled with puns, sarcasm and dripping with satire, the script talks about Uganda’s Pentecostal church and it’s Religious politics. It also talks about marriage, adultery, fornication, to mention but a few. The writer’s dipiction of a congregation looking to God’s representative for approval on matters in their daily lives is quite uncanny. Also we realise that Apostle Jeremiah is put on such a high pedestal, it’s oddly higher than God Himself!  (Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

 I watched this production with my mind turning over and over at the level of brilliance the whole team executed that I found myself doing something I had never done in a Theatre before! 

I got out my note book and pen because I HAD to write  down everything I did not want to forget about this play! The characters, the costumes, the lighting, the writing, the execution, the energy… Everything was absolutely incredible! I had never seen anything quite like it! That being said, I think the writer/director; Adong Lucy Judith out did herself.. But then again, she is absolutely brilliant at what she does so I wouldn’t expect anything besides perfect! 

(Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

Ga’AD will be showing again today, Saturday 6th August and tomorrow Sunday 7th  at the National Theatre at 7 30 pm.

(Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

Whether you are a lover of Theatre or not, I encourage you to watch this show because it’s been done by a group of people that understand the power of communication through speech, costume, music, character and therefore present themselves in an entertaining but also intellectually challenging performance. I am definitely going to watch the show again because I just haven’t had enough of apostle Jeremiah, The Vessel of Ga’AD!!!! And neither will you! 

 (Photo by: Zahara Abdul)

The opinions stated here are my own and mine alone.. I highly appreciate Ms. Adong Judith for putting up such a wonderful production and for starting up the Theatre Production Apprenticeship Program together with Silent Voices Uganda and House of Talent East Africa ltd.. The initiative is a very good opportunity for future Theatre producers and I believe our Theatre productions are going to be bigger and better from now on.. Hats off to you.. 

May The Force Be With You! 


Dear Mum and Dad…

I hope you get to read this… Please don’t be mad… But honesty is what you taught me..
I came from being a thought, to a “baking bun in the oven” and after what I assume is a long nine months… I popped out of mommy, a bouncing baby girl…


You then nurtured me.. Mommy with an all you can eat buffet of milk and kisses… Daddy with a firm but protective hand..
You smiled when I smiled, you rushed to my aide when I cried, watched me fall asleep and were still watching when I woke.
My first laugh, word, step, fall, dance, failure and victory… You were there for them all… And everytime, each one brought tears to your eyes.


You made plans… Big plans! Big dreams! I would want for nothing. I would be the best.. I would conquer the world and you would be proud to call me yours… To show me off to the world and say “This is MY daughter” only to wipe away another tear of joy from your eyes.. For this to happen you took me to the best schools, defended me where necessary and reprimanded when i deviated… Thanks to you.. I excelled.. Rubbed shoulders with the brightest… I was one of the best… I made you proud mom.. I brought big lumps to your throat daddy… I was The Perfect Child.


Never let anyone bring you down Marie… You are bold, you are beautiful and if anyone ever makes you think otherwise, call me and I’ll come down there and give them a piece of my mind!

And boy! Did she give them a piece of her mind!

A lady must never be seen without her lipstick and must always smell good. Also , always walk with your back straight and head high and cross your ankles when you sit darling.

Try and catch me without my lipstick and I’ll denounce my name I promise. Also if I don’t spend big bucks on perfume then you know the cheque didn’t come in that month… And the cheque always comes in…
You taught me well ma…

Mariaaaaa if you want to be a winner in life, you must be a good loser! You cannot win if you do not know how to lose okay!

I have lost more times than I have won daddy… And because of this, I treasure every triumph. I am a professional loser and I can proudly say I am ready to win now.

Mariaaaa! 10 fingers + Hard work = Success!  You will not succeed if you do not work hard my dear!

Thank you for showing me this daddy.. For taking me with you to your work and seeing you work the hardest knowing you do it for me… Now It’s my turn to work the hardest so you can see that you raised me well.

Mariaaaa! You are grown up now and you know what is right and what is wrong. I will not tell you anymore what to do, so it is up to you to decide what you want to do. As long as it makes you happy, I will support you, but you KNOW what is right and what is wrong!

It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or what your peers tell you… You will never be happy doing the wrong thing and because of you daddy I understood this when i needed to.
You are only truly happy when you have the ability to make choices for yourself. You gave me this gift at such tender an age and for this, I have much much respect for you Paps….

Now I’m all grown up (or so i think).. Of course in your eyes I am but a child. But because of you, your guidance and your teaching, I am confident enough in myself to stand and say I am all grown up and like Dr. Martin Luther King did, I too have a dream!


He had a dream to end racial discrimination in a country where he alone was nothing but a pebble in a gigantic river!
He was bribed, threatened, arrested, beaten, bullied, coerced and most of all lost loved ones to deter him from his dream..  But he stood his ground and braced himself through the storm and tiny pebble, his persistence attracted many others which then became this huge rock that changed the course of this gigantic river and just like that! African Americans were legally allowed to vote!


Mum. Dad. I too am a pebble! A pebble with a dream! A dream to break through my country’s film industry; add to it whatever I can!
This might not seem like much to you, might not mean anything to you…  But Ma, it means EVERYTHING to ME!
This mum and dad is my dream.. To be the first youngest only female something to do whatever in my industry and this is how I will make you proud…


Yes maybe YOUR dream for me was to be the best something in some firm working behind some desk for some gigantic guy that most likely owns a river…
But news flash mum and dad… You didn’t raise me like that.. You taught me to aim higher and to strive for the furthest.
You know that saying “Be careful what you wish for”?… Well, you wished alright and God delivered…
And so i write to you today, asking you to not be afraid and to trust God that I will do the right thing..  Also trust yourself enough to know that you raised me right enough to do the right thing.
And most of all trust me enough to know that even if I fall, I will get back up ten times stronger because I AM A LOSER!
They say that, to lead an orchestra, you must be able to turn your back to the world… I have found my orchestra.. Now let me lead it.


Again, please don’t be mad at me… I love you always, I might not show it, but I need you to know it… 
I love you mum and dad and I am the woman you dreamt i would be and so much more…

Thank you for being wonderful..
You are my Guardian Angels and I thank God everyday for letting you watch over me ever so closely…



Why I won’t Be Participating In This Year’s Presidential Elections

Besides the fact that I was born in a “Third World Country” and have seen only one president in my entire lifetime… This is also why I will not be participating in this year’s Presidential Elections…


I am absolutely clueless!


Seriously! Not in the blonde kind of way though… I’m just generally not up to-date about the things that happen in life: ie, I honestly do not know all the candidates in the running and considering all the memes going around after The “Debate”, it doesn’t seem like worth the trouble…
Oh, I also missed The “Debate” because i was on a set shooting a series called The Campus.
Furthermore, I did not register… Yes! I finally got to the age legal enough to vote but because I was clueless! I found out about registration after the activity took place…. 


So in short, what I’m trying to say is… Because I was busy being Fabulous, I missed out on acquiring the tools I need to choose the leader I think fit… Nah!  We’re not there yet…

Another reason?
Long lines! All of you know what I talking about!


You know how some people are claustrophobic?
I’m “Crowd-phobic” like I absolutely cannot be comfortable around a large gathering and therefore cannot vote.
I have no idea why but this type of phobia is called “Enochlophobia” like is everyone around me called Enoch?
But seriously… I freak around too many people and i will do my best to get out of there as fast as possible.
And so until this changes, I shall not be participating in any elections whatsoever.

Besides that though, I am a hopeless romantic and therefore, I believe there are other ways to appreciate the sunshine especially us being the Pearl of Africa and blessed with abundant sunshine, as opposed to being roasted like barbecue.


May the Force be with you

A Letter to a Thief

Dear Mr Thief,
How are you this fine day? I hope you are well. I myself am not particularly well lately, especially ever since you stole my laptop….


I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures… But do you see how difficult my life is without my machine? Like all of a sudden I have this blog that I can’t even explore properly because I can only use my phone… 

I know that I initially lamented that if only you’d taken the laptop and left my footage behind then i wouldn’t be so sad but… Yes, I said footage.
Oh, did I not mention that I am a filmmaker in the making?


Yes, I am a filmmaker trying to make a difference in Uganda’s “film business” and I thought that maybe having a blog would be a good way to help people understand my work.
But now you see? Because you took my footage too, my first blog post is a letter to you instead of my first movie trailer.


Anyhow, I imagine your life is a little bit better now that you have sold the machine and external drive, but i wonder if you are aware that such happiness is short lived and it won’t be long before you are breaking into another house… But you probably know this already so i won’t bore you with tantrums and what not.
I’ll just sit here hoping you didn’t watch my movie and let whoever is reading this know that I will be redoing the movie sometime this year and I shall be posting samples of my projects on this blog..

I am a writer, director and producer in the making and I hope that this platform can expose my work for the betterment of our industry.

May the Force be with you