Dear Mum and Dad…

I hope you get to read this… Please don’t be mad… But honesty is what you taught me..
I came from being a thought, to a “baking bun in the oven” and after what I assume is a long nine months… I popped out of mommy, a bouncing baby girl…


You then nurtured me.. Mommy with an all you can eat buffet of milk and kisses… Daddy with a firm but protective hand..
You smiled when I smiled, you rushed to my aide when I cried, watched me fall asleep and were still watching when I woke.
My first laugh, word, step, fall, dance, failure and victory… You were there for them all… And everytime, each one brought tears to your eyes.


You made plans… Big plans! Big dreams! I would want for nothing. I would be the best.. I would conquer the world and you would be proud to call me yours… To show me off to the world and say “This is MY daughter” only to wipe away another tear of joy from your eyes.. For this to happen you took me to the best schools, defended me where necessary and reprimanded when i deviated… Thanks to you.. I excelled.. Rubbed shoulders with the brightest… I was one of the best… I made you proud mom.. I brought big lumps to your throat daddy… I was The Perfect Child.


Never let anyone bring you down Marie… You are bold, you are beautiful and if anyone ever makes you think otherwise, call me and I’ll come down there and give them a piece of my mind!

And boy! Did she give them a piece of her mind!

A lady must never be seen without her lipstick and must always smell good. Also , always walk with your back straight and head high and cross your ankles when you sit darling.

Try and catch me without my lipstick and I’ll denounce my name I promise. Also if I don’t spend big bucks on perfume then you know the cheque didn’t come in that month… And the cheque always comes in…
You taught me well ma…

Mariaaaaa if you want to be a winner in life, you must be a good loser! You cannot win if you do not know how to lose okay!

I have lost more times than I have won daddy… And because of this, I treasure every triumph. I am a professional loser and I can proudly say I am ready to win now.

Mariaaaa! 10 fingers + Hard work = Success!  You will not succeed if you do not work hard my dear!

Thank you for showing me this daddy.. For taking me with you to your work and seeing you work the hardest knowing you do it for me… Now It’s my turn to work the hardest so you can see that you raised me well.

Mariaaaa! You are grown up now and you know what is right and what is wrong. I will not tell you anymore what to do, so it is up to you to decide what you want to do. As long as it makes you happy, I will support you, but you KNOW what is right and what is wrong!

It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself or what your peers tell you… You will never be happy doing the wrong thing and because of you daddy I understood this when i needed to.
You are only truly happy when you have the ability to make choices for yourself. You gave me this gift at such tender an age and for this, I have much much respect for you Paps….

Now I’m all grown up (or so i think).. Of course in your eyes I am but a child. But because of you, your guidance and your teaching, I am confident enough in myself to stand and say I am all grown up and like Dr. Martin Luther King did, I too have a dream!


He had a dream to end racial discrimination in a country where he alone was nothing but a pebble in a gigantic river!
He was bribed, threatened, arrested, beaten, bullied, coerced and most of all lost loved ones to deter him from his dream..  But he stood his ground and braced himself through the storm and tiny pebble, his persistence attracted many others which then became this huge rock that changed the course of this gigantic river and just like that! African Americans were legally allowed to vote!


Mum. Dad. I too am a pebble! A pebble with a dream! A dream to break through my country’s film industry; add to it whatever I can!
This might not seem like much to you, might not mean anything to you…  But Ma, it means EVERYTHING to ME!
This mum and dad is my dream.. To be the first youngest only female something to do whatever in my industry and this is how I will make you proud…


Yes maybe YOUR dream for me was to be the best something in some firm working behind some desk for some gigantic guy that most likely owns a river…
But news flash mum and dad… You didn’t raise me like that.. You taught me to aim higher and to strive for the furthest.
You know that saying “Be careful what you wish for”?… Well, you wished alright and God delivered…
And so i write to you today, asking you to not be afraid and to trust God that I will do the right thing..  Also trust yourself enough to know that you raised me right enough to do the right thing.
And most of all trust me enough to know that even if I fall, I will get back up ten times stronger because I AM A LOSER!
They say that, to lead an orchestra, you must be able to turn your back to the world… I have found my orchestra.. Now let me lead it.


Again, please don’t be mad at me… I love you always, I might not show it, but I need you to know it… 
I love you mum and dad and I am the woman you dreamt i would be and so much more…

Thank you for being wonderful..
You are my Guardian Angels and I thank God everyday for letting you watch over me ever so closely…