A Letter to a Thief

Dear Mr Thief,
How are you this fine day? I hope you are well. I myself am not particularly well lately, especially ever since you stole my laptop….


I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures… But do you see how difficult my life is without my machine? Like all of a sudden I have this blog that I can’t even explore properly because I can only use my phone… 

I know that I initially lamented that if only you’d taken the laptop and left my footage behind then i wouldn’t be so sad but… Yes, I said footage.
Oh, did I not mention that I am a filmmaker in the making?


Yes, I am a filmmaker trying to make a difference in Uganda’s “film business” and I thought that maybe having a blog would be a good way to help people understand my work.
But now you see? Because you took my footage too, my first blog post is a letter to you instead of my first movie trailer.


Anyhow, I imagine your life is a little bit better now that you have sold the machine and external drive, but i wonder if you are aware that such happiness is short lived and it won’t be long before you are breaking into another house… But you probably know this already so i won’t bore you with tantrums and what not.
I’ll just sit here hoping you didn’t watch my movie and let whoever is reading this know that I will be redoing the movie sometime this year and I shall be posting samples of my projects on this blog..

I am a writer, director and producer in the making and I hope that this platform can expose my work for the betterment of our industry.

May the Force be with you